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In India, hundreds of people die each day due to non availability of blood in times of a medical emergency.

Bloodline plus App helps you find a blood donor through a few taps on the App. You can save a life too! Just register as a donor on Bloodline plus App now.

Bloodline plus – An App that
can save a life

Bloodline plus App by Rotary Club of Calcutta Mahanagar was conceptualised by Shekhar Mehta - Rotary International President 21-22. In his journey of service to mankind, he realised that with the help of technology, Rotary could help persons seeking blood in times of a medical emergency when blood may not be available at local blood banks. Bloodline plus App maintains a database of registered voluntary blood donors and sends them notifications when an urgent need for blood arises. The App does not charge anything to the donor or to the donee and this is purely a free service to help patients who do not find the required blood in blood banks in an emergency.

Ready to Take Action?

Be a Hero! You can download Bloodline plus App and register as a donor . You will receive a notification when blood is required during a medical emergency.

Be a Saviour! If your near and dear ones require blood and it is unavailable in the nearest blood banks, you can raise a request on the Bloodline plus App. The App will help you find the nearest donor through the registered donor database.

Why Bloodline plus?

  • Your Friend in emergency.
  • Arrange blood in a tap.
  • No monetary transection involved
  • Your data is in safe hands.

Benefits of blood donation

  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve your emotional well-being.
  • Benefit your physical health.
  • Help get rid of negative feelings.
  • Provide a sense of belonging and reduce isolation.
  • Free health check-up.

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